Greg Washington

Greg Washington is the only child of Lydia Sanchez and Donald Washington, two American soldiers stationed together in Korea. He credits his military childhood as being the catalyst for his love of entertaining. In a culture where everything is right or wrong and everything (from uniforms to houses) is identical to the one next to it, he found a deep desire to be what stood out. Growing up the way he did, Greg was forced to move almost annually for a good portion of his childhood and this forced him to be the perpetual “new kid”. Greg turned to his natural ability to entertain to expedite the integration process.

Greg graduated from Ovey Comeaux high school in Lafayette, LA and went on to study Theatre at Northwestern. During college he learned that his love of film wasn’t limited to simply being on stage or in front of a camera, he found that in writing he was able to share the stories of the people and places that influenced him most. All thoughts on which aspects of the film industry interested him the most however were put on hold after the U.N. officially put troops in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Greg enlisted in the United States Army and became a Combat Medic. Although his time in the Army isn’t something he often discusses with people he works with on set, it is a time in his life he is very proud of. His choice to join an Army at war wasn’t surprising to his family, as both of his parents and eventually his brother and sister were all soldiers. “I won’t say the military didn’t change me, anyone who does is lying. I can say that in my case it changed me for the better. The Army gave me an opportunity to do things that I would have never dreamed of doing on my own much less excelling at. Most importantly the military taught me that failure is never an option, you don’t get a second chance, and there is no “Plan B”. To him that is true of all life and of everything you do in it.

Upon his return to Shreveport, Greg worked on many projects in varying roles on both sides of the camera. Having earned his EMS credentials in the military he even added set medic to his growing list of skill sets. Among those skill sets, he also added father to his resume. Victor Gabriel Washington was born wide eyed and a ball of unending optimism. Of fatherhood Greg simply says, “people will tell you that being a parent is the greatest roll you will ever play, I disagree. When I am with my son the rest of the world doesn’t matter, I don’t care if I am covered in dirt and look like an idiot. That isn’t for the benefit of anyone else. When we are together I am totally and completely present. It is the only time in my life that I know no part of me is acting or even thinking about acting, it is the time that I am the most myself. I will say that being a father is the coolest thing I have ever done and I have gotten to do some pretty cool things.”